Friday, July 18, 2014

A Virtual DJ in Second Life

I really enjoy spinning tunes for folks in Second Life. I get a great deal of personal joy putting together playlists and introducing new (or new-to-them) music for listeners. I used to run an internet radio station, where I'd do live broadcasts and put together humorous bumpers for an audience; ten years later at The Listening Room, I was doing much the same thing with bi-weekly sessions I labeled as "Sonic Potpourri." Yet my set up has never been what anyone could call "professional." If you have wanted to try this hobby out for yourself, I can give you the basics of what's needed to get you started.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

New(er) Products!

I'm not the builder I used to be - and even less so these days as I haven't had the time, willpower or inclination to learn how to make stuff in mesh. But I have been going through what's on my marketplace (and what isn't) and updating a few things.

First, I took the old online indicator and redid the scripting a bit. I wasn't very good at scripting when I first made the thing and the code was pretty sloppy. I cleaned it up and it's now available for it's original selling price of L$0, cheap. 

Next was a sound-sculpture idea from 2009. It was huge. It was primmy. It was ugly. Now it's small enough to justify hanging on a wall, and much better looking. It's not perfect - there are some things I can already imagine adding to it, code-wise - and likely another item similar in scope will be created sometime in the future, but this object should suit your purposes (if you have such purposes).

My "floating party streamers" were the first thing I ever made and have been a steady seller since 2008. So steady, in fact, that I've loathed changing them much. But change them I did, little by little. I finally broke down and did something few creators do - took this basic idea that I had over-complicated through the years and simplified it, all the way back to the way they were when first introduced. Now they're the best they've been and the same low price. They'll also likely never get updated again, unless I really get busy with things like materials and texture shine. Which I might.

I have several products I want to add back to the marketplace but they are primmy as all get-out, including a garden sundial that got rave reviews when I first introduced it. I'll need to either invest in a tool that transforms prim builds to mesh, or find a guy who is willing to work for commission, because I simply can't be bothered learning mesh; I'm returning to college in a couple of months and I'm saving my brainpower for that.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stop Touching Uranus

No lie, I totally forgot that I had promised to spin at The Listening Room tonight (6pm SL, you know the drill), so late last night I sat and built a playlist for this evening. When I'm stumped for an idea, sometimes I'll just let Winamp pick a random track and I'll try and fathom something from that.

It selected David Bowie's "Space Oddity," and I was off. I sent the following group notices out, with the same title as this blog post:

I completely spaced out. I said I was gonna blog about my set Saturday night (6pm SL) @ TLR, and ... I don't know what planet I'm on lately, but I can't seem to com-et to anything. No worries, I can rocket in style. I just need to planet a bit better.

Those of you with an agile mind will quickly deduce tonight's playlist will have a space theme. Mostly classic rock - because that's where the spacey people live, you know - with the occasional side-step (as opposed to moon-walk) into other genres.

In any case, join me at TLR tonight for two hours of great tunes and great company.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Linden Lab's "Sunshine" Viewer

Yes, yes, everyone had a great time at SL11B this past week, except me, who simply had too much family-related stuff going on to really spend the hours required to enjoy the spectacle. I'm not going to be writing about SL11B today, then, because I didn't get to see much of it. Instead I'm jotting down a few thoughts regarding the new "Sunshine" viewer, which is WAY more pertinent to us, especially since SL11B is over now.

You see, the birthday celebrations are a lag-fest, partly because there's only so many avatars and scripted doodads a server can handle efficiently, partly because nothing is done to change the way sims are laid out for exhibitors, ever, and partly because of the way those servers (and thus, viewers) handle the hundreds of textures, avatars and other data available to render a scene. Last year I was told by an SL10B muckymuck that I could complain about the lag when I donate the sims, so instead of complaining, I took a few hours of SL11B lag one day to stress-test this new viewer, and am happy to report that it performed wonderfully.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Spinning @ The Listening Room

I'll be streaming a 2-hour, hand-selected playlist at The Listening Room tonight, July 5th, @ 6pm Pacific (SL time). Expect excellent tunes from several different genres, arranged especially for your dining, dancing and/or pharmacological pleasure. I haven't spun at TLR in a long time, so I hope you'll all attend for an evening of conversation, dancing, cool people and good music.